Client Reviews of Cathy Cole Motivational Interviewing Trainer / Ratings
Client Reviews

Your Sunday class to our ICD audience was remarkable! I've taken several MI classes before and your's was the FIRST that finally 'clicked' for me because it provided a concrete, structured approach for real and appropriate application relating to my chronically disorganized clientele!

The training was incredible! I cannot thank you enough.

I must tell you that the training you provided me this summer has turned out to me invaluable! I continue to use MI daily in personal and professional interactions with great success. Another trainee from the class and I continue to practice together via Skype weekly and we rarely fail to invoke the value of your training. Moreover, our clients are doing really well achieving their desired results within the MI framework. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was so incredibly impressed by you! Thanks for the privilege to be in your courses. You are good. I just love the way you can pass on knowledge and information in such a relaxed way. It is easy to see that you live what you teach, makes it so real and so genuine.

I've been seeing clients for the past couple of days and I must say that I have a new energy and inspiration in my work as a result of being in your courses.

I really enjoyed learning MI from you. I am so impressed with the effectiveness of the skills you taught us. I did start using it Tuesday with my 11:15 client. Even though I'm new at this I felt my client actually made progress.

The week has been going really well, can tell a real difference in student interactions using skills and techniques from this weekend. Wonderful training you did with direct applicability, many thanks for sharing your time and expertise with us.

For me I came to the conference with much anxiety as to my ability and feeling very intimidated by the fact that I was not a Dr., Social Worker or Nurse or having a series of letters after my name (In my mind I was just an addictions specialist with 24 years front line clinical work!). Over the next few days with your team I felt that those things didn't matter that the focus was more on ability and not titles. I attributed that to your group's ability to create a space were we all felt equal and accepted for our ability not our title. I felt safe and allowed myself to be challenged by you specifically and you did so in such a way were I felt empowered and grew in my trust of my abilities within MI as a practitioner and coach.

Thanks so much for a great workshop. It was really great getting such constructive feedback. I do MI everyday with BASICS, and sometimes you get in a rut. You gave me some creative ideas about complex reflections, and trying to elicit change talk.