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Cathy Cole Motivational Interviewing Training Videos
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Learn Motivational Interviewing with this in-depth Motivational Interviewing video training series. MI demonstrations and interviews illuminate the underlying principles, tools, techniques, and strategies that will enhance your skills in leading clients through the change process.

Motivational Interviewing, originally developed by William Miller as a person-centered approach to working with addictions, has been widely used in fields as varied as healthcare, education, and criminal justice. In the first video of this series, Core Concepts, MI trainer and practitioner Cathy Cole first introduces the foundational principles; then numerous demonstrations and exercises, including actual session excerpts with Bill Miller, will allow you to practice MI techniques

Each subsequent Motivational Interviewing Training Video focuses on demonstrating, through a series of vignettes, various MI strategies applied to different stages of change. The client sessions in each video occur in a diverse range of settings, from mandated substance abuse counseling to healthcare, schools, EAP and beyond. Increasing Importance addresses how to help clients who are unsure whether change is even desirable. Resolving Ambivalence tackles a central issue in MI-dealing with clients who haven't decided which choice is the right one. And Building Confidence focuses on the helping clients trust their own ability to enact the desired change.

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