About Cathy Cole Training ~ Cathy Cole Motivational Interviewing Trainer Bio


Working as an addictions therapist in the early 1990's I found myself frustrated with the traditional mode of confrontation and the belief of myself as the expert. Of course, I was expected, as all of us are, to know something about effective ways of getting help and making changes, but the idea that I was the only one who knew the right way just did not fit. Fortunately I was introduced to the first edition of MI, Motivational Interviewing, Preparing People to Change Addictive Behavior, Miller and Rollnick, 1991, Guilford Press. As I began to use MI in my work, my relationships with clients changed, became more interactive, engaged, with clients assuming the responsibility for change and allowing me to be a guide in the process.

Throughout my active clinical practice (I retired from active practice as a clinical social worker in 2013), I continued to use MI to allow clients to fully address the decision about and the path to change. I firmly believe in supporting client choice/autonomy within the context of informed choice and my training heavily focuses on this.

My path as trainer began in 1995 when I was accepted for the Training of New Trainers, 40 of whom assembled to learn from William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick in Santa Margarita, Italy. I returned home, began seeking opportunities to train and have trained continuously since that time. My independent trainings are small, limited to 10-15 with a focus on application of concepts with little if any PowerPoint and lecture, and always focused on up to date MI concepts.

My project work is developed in consultation with the organization and I have a strong emphasis in a comprehensive development of skills. I am convinced, not just by the evidence but also by direct experience, that one cannot learn MI in one workshop and that feedback on actual practice is essential if we are to follow the main guideline of any helping profession .... "do no harm." To see a sample of the outcome of my project consultation, go to http://toothtalk.web.unc.edu/videos/.

Since its inception I have been an active member and volunteer for the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers:
  • Planning committee for annual Forum
  • Trainer for Training of New Trainers (TNT)
  • Reviewer for applications for annual TNT
  • Presenter at annual conference
  • Member of the trainer certification task group
  • Mentor for new trainers

I also offer professional MI training videos (see here) and am trained in the use of the MITI, the current tool available for evaluating MI practice.

With over 20 years experience as a trainer, I have worked with many clients; here is an overview.

I trust this brief overview of a long career in training will guide you in your choice of contacting me.